Working with local boutiques and international retailers, StylePixi has developed a tablet based sales tool that fits naturally into the brick and mortar experience.

Designed with a simple drag-and-drop interface, and leveraging existing digital assets, the in-store customer engagement tool employs our PSST Algorithm to create personalized Lookbooks in real-time for each guest.  Lookbooks feature looks, items and promotional content curated to the guest based on their demonstrated preferences and personal style.

At the end of an in-store visit, guests are sent their Lookbook via email and are notified immediately should items go on sale, or are available in limited quantities.

From this first engagement onward, guests will now enjoy personalized brand experiences both in-store and online based on their personal shopping history, social media interactions, and much more.

  • 84% of Smartphone shoppers use their devices to help shop while in a store.

  • 69% said they find it helpful when retailers make suggestions to them based on their personal shopping history.

  • 79% of 18 to 44 year olds have their smartphones with them 22hrs a day.

  • Spontaneity plays a role in 81% of smartphone purchases.

  • Just 9% of brand followers engage with them on Twitter.

  • Only 12% of Facebook posts ever reach the follower.

  • Just 20% of branded mobile apps are downloaded more than 1,000 times.

  • The average retail email open rate is just 14%.

The StylePixi platform includes multiple entry points for both retailers and consumers that work symbiotically to form a complete brand engagement experience.  Retailers can choose to roll-out a completely customizable White Labeled In-Store Customer Engagement Solution and our Mobile Consumer App.

The first release of the White Labeled In-Store Solution will enable retailers to create personalized customer lookbooks in real-time and to send them via email to their clients.  Clients are then notified when items are available in limited quantities, or have been put on sale.  

This release will also include an easy to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) component that allows Sales Associates to tailor individual communications, or create larger communication strategies that our software completes automatically.

Key Features

  • Create Real-Time Lookbooks
  • Key Product Information
  • In-Store ‘Flash’ Promotions
  • Hyper-Personalized Emails
  • Targeted Product Notifications
  • Insightful Actionable Data